Just an update, I can't believe it's almost been a whole year since my last post. Sorry, I kind of gave up on this site for a while. I was planning on starting a website for sex offenders and their loved ones. It was going to be a place where they could get information and resources to help out sex offenders. However, one of my probation officers told me she didn't want me to start my own website so I kind of gave up on this sex offender blog.

I am currently going to court to try to terminate my DOC probation! I only have 10 months left with them anyways.


  • Good luck MAN!

  • I hope you don't give up their are a lot of families that need information on this I have put this blog in my favs I have a family member that will be released soon and I am looking for any helpful information that I can find no one wants to help they will help a drug dealer or someone who has killed but not a sex offender I will be checking back again soon as I've been doing since I found your blog people don't realize sex offenders have families too.Thank you for posting.

  • There is a really useful blog tool at www.offendnomore.com that is designed for offenders to express their remorse for their crimes.... i hope it helps offenders and their families, like this website was designed to do...thanks for the blog Jibreezy!

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