Sex offenders w/ businesses

Ever since I was 13 I've always wanted to manage my own business, the independence! I also get a thrill out of not knowing if your business will succeed or flop, the risk! People say I like to play with fire, of course that's how I usually get into trouble. Oh yes, and my favorite, there are no boundaries as to how much money you can make. No salaries, no hourly wages. You have the opportunity to make millions! Whereas those who work 9-5, "slaves", are pretty much restrained from making whatever they want. You put your sweat and blood into your job working for someone else just so you can get that petty "raise". Please...

During my incarceration in the Fedz, I didn't waste my time playing pinochle or working out all day with the other inmates, no. I studied my ass off. I even received my GED while I was behind bars. After I received my GED I decided to enroll in the distance learning program offered at a nearby community college where I majored in Business Administration. I spent nearly four years of nonstop studying, seriously though what else was there to do? My primary interests were computers, religion and business.

Five months after my release from federal prison in Jan. of 2008, I applied for a business license in my city. I don't know how the process works in other cities, but here the city does background checks on every applicant who applies for a business license. I guess there were some complications in obtaining the license. They were concerned over the business itself, what was it? Retail? What is he trying to sell? Always jumping to conclusions..."selling clothes to minors." No morons, selling items to make money, make a living, because nobody wants to hire a sex offender.

Yes, we all know it's true, businesses don't want sex offenders working for them, especially businesses that interact with other people. Shopping malls, fast food, restaurants, retail stores...don't get me wrong, there are sex offenders working at these places, it's just damn-near impossible to get a job in these areas. Many sex offenders work hard labor jobs(my weakness). I prefer jobs wearing a suit and tie, sitting at a desk in an office of some sort. That is if I were to work for someone else that's where I'd like to be. earlier this year I incorporated a business, I visited my probation officer a few days ago and the police dept. contacted her about the business license. Why should this cause any type of concern? Here's my thing, if people are so against sex offenders working in public why not let them start their own businesses? Many of the sex offenders who reoffend are usually the ones who have nothing to lose, no life, no job, no girlfriend/boyfriend. Nothing. If you give these sex offenders something to look forward to, keep em busy, there would be a lesser chance of having one reoffend. I'm all for sex offenders having their own business, especially a home business. I mean, wouldn't you prefer one to be in his/her own house instead of being in the public? Now this is for sex offenders who've committed crimes against minors and children. Believe it or not folks there're sex offenders who aren't childmolesters and pedophiles. We will cover this topic in the near future.

Work at home opportunities should be available, and highly encouraged to all sex offenders, especially the ones that have crimes committed against childrenz.


  • Very nice post man. Well written and well thought out. I enjoy reading your thoughts amd perspectives.

  • piece of shit. you look like one of them internet geek POSERS look at your picture you look like a fucking fruit cake!! chester the molester

  • Don't hate because I lived your fantasy.

  • Good for you! You are the greatest! I don’t care what “sinful” act you committed, Americans are fascist scum for the way they like these witch-hunts. Don’t worry, in another ten or twenty years they will have forgotten about the “sinful sexual offenders” and go after communists or anarchists. Americans love their witch-hunts.

  • These two 14 year old girls are falsley acusing me of having " touched them " they asked for my number and lied about their ages, I dono what to do.

  • you are an inspiration

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