Sex offender rehabilitation

I was surfing online when I stumbled upon this site.

The website is basically a discussion forum where members can talk about whoever, whatever. The topic provided in the link above is read as, "
I most definitely DO NOT think a sex offender can be rehabilitated!".
With about 32 replies, the majority of the members agreed with the topic. This is what is most frustrating to me, the MEDIA are the ones who portray all registered sex offenders as child molesters and pedophiles. I look at everyone's situation on a case by case basis. There are 17 year old's who have to register as a sex offender because they had consensual sex with a 15 year old, which is illegal in some states. These 17 year old's have to register as a sex offender for the next 10-15 years, sometimes life, over what? A two year age difference? A minor with a minor? Come on. Or the guy caught urinating in public, or on the side of the road can also be charged as a sex offender in many states.

Ethical relativism plays a role here. Ethical relativism is the position that there are no moral absolutes, no moral right and wrongs. Instead, right and wrong are based on social norms. For example, just a mere 200 years ago
slavery was socially acceptable and correct. Now it is not.

People are always saying sex offender's can't be treated. When they say sex offenders let's assume they mean child molesters and pedophiles. With rapists...rape is considered a violent hate crime, not so much a sex crime(even though sex was involved it's still considered a violent crime). The rapist may have issues in the past that deal with anger, not so much sex, but ANGER. Can anger be treated? If not, then what's the point of anger management? Many can be treated, if they weren't then all sex offenders released back into society would be going right back to prison. But that's not the case, the majority of sex offenders do not and will not re-offend given the proper treatment. They have methods that help treat child molesters, I've seen this documentary about a sex offender who was attracted to young boys, he was in treatment and they made him look at a picture of a clothed 12 year old boy and when he got aroused they made him sniff ammonia. Don't ask me what it does, but it helps some child molesters. So what about raging alcoholics? Can they not be treated as well? Like I said I look at everything case by case, everyone is different. Some sex offenders can go through treatment one time and never look back, some may not be able to resist the urge and re-offend, and some may never learn. But you can't blame them all for being the same, because they aren't, we are all different.

"Sex offenders are just like a heterosexual or homosexual, they will never change their lifestyle". What a moronic statement. Most child molesters are not born that way, they didn't wake up one day deciding they want to have sex with young kids, they have had some kinda of traumatic childhood experiences. Another thing people need to learn is child development. As a child(infant-10 years old give or take a couple of years) their brain is in a development stage, more often than not, the way a child is raised is usually how it will turn out in his/her future. If you abuse and hit your kids how do you think they are going to grow up? Loving peaceful caring adults? Come on, you learn this stuff in psychology, it's common sense.

People also need to understand that the media is very powerful and influential. After reading many of the reports the media had broadcast about me when I was first arrested I couldn't believe how they interpreted my case. People who knew about my case before I was arrested couldn't believe the media would take the whole thing out of context like that, but that's what they do, their job is to make the you look like the scum of scum, because they know it draws viewers(ratings). That's why when I hear about someone's case on the news I usually take it with a grain of salt. The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and for us sex offenders we are public enemy number one.


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