Sex offender probation conditions

Well depending on the case the conditions can vary. Like if alcohol was involved then you might be required to take AA classes, or not allowed to walk into a bar or a place that serves alcohol.

I am on both DOC supervision and Federal supervision, I also have to follow conditions set by my court ordered sexual deviancy therapist. So I get a double whammy...48 months of DOC supervision and 10 years of Federal supervision. If I stay clean for half my FED probation I can go to court and petition my sentence to have it vacated. That won't be for another 4 1/4 years for. Here's just some of my major restrictions on DOC supervision...and remember this is a standardized set of conditions that apply to almost all sex offenders on DOC supervision.

If any conditions below are violated, back to jail I go.

I also have to take quarterly polygraph tests, they ask if I have violated any conditions. Let's say I broke one of the probation conditions, if I lie and say no I can go back to jail, if I tell the truth I still go to jail for breaking one of the conditions, so it's a lose lose here, you can't get out of it.


1. Maintain lawful employment and provided proof of employment to DOC staff.

2. Reside at a location that is approved by CCO(Community corrections officer pretty much the same as a probation officer).

3. Pay all court ordered fees.

4. Pay monthly supervision fee($20-$40/month just for being on supervision).

5. Notify CCO of change in employment or address.

6. Do not enter parks playgrounds schools or any other places frequented by minors.

I get frustrated on the whole, places frequented by minors, because it is very vague...a very generalized statement. Places frequented by minors, that can include malls, theaters, fast food restaurants, dine-in restaurants, almost anywhere. They should have just put, "stay the f*ck home".

7. Do not consume controlled substances (alcohol/drugs).

8. No contact with any victims or witnesses in crime.

Witnesses can even be friends that were interviewed in your crime, can't communicate with them anymore.

9. Have no contact with minors period(this is another one of those generalized statements. I was told there are these "incidental contacts"... like if a minor walked up to me at work and asks me a question or maybe I'm walking around a corner and bump into one, I have to report it to the CCO/probation officer).

10. Do not possess any form of pornographic material even if the models are of legal age.

11. Do not possess any firearm or deadly weapon.

12. Submit to urine testing.

13. Submit to polygraph tests on a quarterly basis.

These suck...if you fail any question you'll most likely end up violating supervision, which means jail time, but if you admit to violating any of the following conditions you still go to jail.

14. Remain in geographical boundaries(if I want to leave the county I have to get a travel permit 3 days in advance, state law for anyone on DOC).

15. Do not enter sex related businesses which include x rated movies.

16. Submit to home visits(CCO walks around house).

17. Obey ALL laws (including traffic...I got a neg. driving and my CCO wanted to violate my probation but instead he had me do 5 hours of community service, he said even if I get speeding tickets he can violate my

18. Submit to DNA/HIV test.

19. Register w/ sheriffs office on a quarterly basis.

20. Enter Sex Offender treatment program.

My CCO for the DOC will NOT allow me to go to church period. Is that even constitutional? After some complaints they decided if I wanted to go to church I would need a chaperone, the only thing is my parents would be my chaperone and they are Catholic, no offense but maybe I don't want to go to a Catholic church. Maybe I want to visit a Protestant church or a Synagogue. That's not possible in my situation...

Well those were most of my conditions for DOC. Don't forget I'm on both DOC and Federal probation...most of my conditions are somewhat similar to DOC, so I'm going to list the additional conditions that aren't on DOC.

1. Cannot have any type of romantic, sexual or intimate relationship w/ someone that has a child under the age of 18. (Hard when I'm in my early 20's and many females my age have kids, of course I don't really feel like fathering someone else's child anyways).

2. Submit to a truthful monthly written report within 5 days of each month.

3. Shall not associate with any persons engaged in illegal activity or with any persons convicted of a felony unless granted permission by US probation officer.

4. Notify PO (probation officer) of ANY contact with law enforcement including traffic tickets.

5. Cannot enter into any agreement to act as an informer or special agent or a law enforcement agency without permission of the court.

6. Cannot use firearms OR FIREWORKS. (explosives, including those little jumping jacks)

7. Submit to credit check and provide proof of tax returns.

8. Consent to ongoing monitoring of computer and internet activity use which includes installation of monitoring software. ($80 for software and $25/month just to have it on my computer).

I am in a court ordered sex offender treatment program in which I have to abide by an additional set of rules.

1. No sexual oriented conversations on the internet.

2. To not engage in any type of romantic or sexual relationship without the approval of his/her treatment provider!

Basically, if I want to have sex with someone I would have to ask my partner to meet my therapist, he will ask my partner a series of questions like, how many times will you have sex a week? What sexual positions will you use? You know stuff like that. Then this "therapist" will go into detail about my crime and they will ask my partner if they really want a relationship with an animal who could commit such horrendous acts.


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