Just an update, I can't believe it's almost been a whole year since my last post. Sorry, I kind of gave up on this site for a while. I was planning on starting a website for sex offenders and their loved ones. It was going to be a place where they could get information and resources to help out sex offenders. However, one of my probation officers told me she didn't want me to start my own website so I kind of gave up on this sex offender blog.

I am currently going to court to try to terminate my DOC probation! I only have 10 months left with them anyways.
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HOW IT ALL STARTED: Life as a sex offender pt. 1


My life is probably a lot different than most 24 year old's. For one, I am a registered sex offender, I had just turned 19 when I was incarcerated and I spent about 4 years in a federal prison. My crimes involved a computer, a website, and my teenage girlfriend. I know there are a lot of curious readers out there, most have no idea what it's like being a sex offender. One of the primary reasons I am writing this is to educate people, to let them know what life is like outside of prison as a sex offender. Many people think prison is the hard part, not always true for a sex offender, prison is just the beginning...

Anyways, here's my life story as a teen and how everything came to be as it is today.
When I was growing up I never had many friends, partly due to the fact that I was never allowed to go to school. Pretty strange if you ask me, well, I was home-schooled most of my life. My dad, being an LE(law enforcement officer) was very strict, he was also a very religious person. He always told me stories of how bad kids are at public schools and how he never wants me to grow up like those kids(a lot of help that did lol). So I spent most of my days at home on the computer.

At the age of 14 I had discovered this thing called pornography, this was back in the year 2000 when the internet wasn't as popular. It was mostly adult porn, maybe ladies in their 20's and 30's. But what teenage male wants to look at these older ladies when he can find females his own age? I used to use those file trading programs back in 2000 and 2001, it was there that I got curious and typed in "15 year old girl", low and behold, hundreds of images and videos were available to download. I started to download a couple here and there, then after a while I just got so addicted I spent hours just downloading teen pr0n. I never thought anything was wrong with it, I mean I was only 14 right? Is it even illegal for a teen to view other teens naked? The answer is YES! I mean this was YEARS ago before teen porn(child porn) was popular. This is back when you had to download it from Usenet groups, now it's on every P2P program you can find.

My addiction to this porn was so severe I decided to make backups in case my hard drive was wiped out accidentally, or I got a virus and I had to reformat. But I would use free web hosting services to backup my files. So it was basically a free website where I kept my stash of pr0n. Well I had told some of my guy friends about it and they were like, "sweet let me see", I gave them the web address, then they went and showed their friends, and word spread, then I became popular lol.

When I was 16 I was working at McDonald's, after working about 10 months there, I quit. Times were tough, I couldn't find a job if it meant saving my life. I was broke, my parents didn't give me money to spend on nice clothes, a car, or other material thing. So I decided to make money on my own. I wanted to do something that was easy, and was available online so I could make money from my computer without ever having to leave the house. After a couple of weeks it clicked it my head, "hey, why not sell the photos and videos on my free website." I already had plenty of HTML training, I knew a little bit about creating an e-commerce website so people could pay for services. After another couple weeks went by, I was able to charge customers to gain access to certain pages on my website that needed passwords. People started complaining about the slow speeds, and since this was a free web hosting company the website would run out of bandwidth for the day and people were screaming for refunds. So I had to act quick, I went and got a bank account, debit card, then purchased my own web space online for about $5.00 per month. I was charging customers roughly $10 for 1 month access to my website. I started off making about $800 per month, then $800 turned into $1800. My website grew and grew and grew, by the time I was 19 I had thousands of loyal customers and was making enough money to purchase a brand new Saab, pay for all my bills, and even pay for the rent. I had my own DJ studio, home theater system with a big screen TV, $10,000 computer system, THE WORKS.

Shortly after my 19th birthday, I had moved out of my parents house and into my own place, this is when things got sticky. One day I was on a social networking site, and one of my friends friend was visiting my profile, she sent me a message and added me as a friend. To protect her identity I'm just going to call this girl Jamie. So Jamie talks to her friend and says, "OMG why didn't you tell me your friend was so cute." Then my friend was like, "Hey Jamie thinks you're hot you two should hook up you're both single." I'm like, "Well I dunno we'll see." So after talkin for a few weeks she tells me to call her sometime and she gives me her phone number. I call her up and we start talking. After a couple of months she drops the bombshell, do u wanna meet me? I was really nervous because I liked her, she was reallyy pretty, the kind of pretty where guys would stop and turn around. Anyways, I after all, dating her is legal right? That's what many would like to think, but contrary to what many people think, if the state wants to prosecute the case the can and usually will, especially if one of the parents doesn't agree. But those were exactly my thoughts, it's okay to date her right? Even if we were to have sex she is consenting to a sexual relationship so it's okay? Nope! Although my philosophy is, if the girl makes her own decision and you don't FORCE it against her will, then I don't see any problem with it. There are some states where a 17 year old can become a registered sex offender for having sex with a 15 year old girl! Come on that's ridiculous! So after thinking it through and I made my decision, "so when do you wanna meet?"

February 5th, 2004
The night before the 5th, Jamie had called me and asked to pick her up at school, she was so excited, she told all her friends at school she had a boyfriend. She told me she was going to wear something SPECIAL on our date LOL. By special do you mean a short short miniskirt with a g-string and high heels? lol. After I picked her up I asked where she wanted to go, she immediately asked to go back to my place. So we arrive, and as soon as I close the front door she jumps on me, wraps her arms and legs around my body and starts kissing me. I'm like WHOA slow down I haven't even shown you around yet! lol so yea...here we go, after I showed her my bedroom you probably know what happens next. So after about 5 or 6 hours in the bedroom I ask if she wants to get something to eat, we go to the mall, hang out, then I drop her off at school around 2pm. For the next few days it was the same scenario, except during this period SHE came up with the idea that it would be "fun" to record us on my webcam having sex. So I'm like sure why not.

One day me and Jamie are chatting on AIM and she send me this message,"um...I think I'm pregnant." Well she accidentally left her chat open and her dad had read the convo(he didn't know about me and Jamie), her dad was pretty furious when he found out I was 19, being an ex-cop it's pretty expected, of course from any parent, except maybe Billy Ray Cyrus. But Jamie and I actually were trying to have a baby, she said she wanted to get married and have kids with me! She thought that if she got pregnant from me her dad would let me help take care of our baby, that way I couldn't go to jail. That...unfortunately didn't happen. I went to church with Jamie and sat with her and her grandparents almost every Sunday. She was cute, smart, funny, nice body, awesome personality, this girl was amazing! Or so I thought...

The next week I ask some of Jamie's friends where Jamie was at because she wasn't answering her phone. They tell me she never went to school, so I'm like HMMM. Later in the day Jamie tells me she was tired and didn't go to school. But I find out from someone else that she went to this other guys house. When I confronted her about it she said she went over to hang out and fell asleep on his couch that's why she never answered the phone. Yeah right. Well come to find out that the guy that she was visiting was bragging to everyone that they had sex. When I heard this I was so pissed off I decided to get my revenge...by making everyone know she was a wh*re.

February 19th, 2004
I get a call from my mom asking me why a bunch of cops are at their house, I'm like WHAT??? Why? What did you do? Then it came to me, they were looking for me. I didn't really panic though, I didn't really know how the whole process worked, they needed a search warrant right? That could take days...nope...more like hours. I didn't think it would be that serious. I fled to my ex girlfriend(not Jamie). An ex girlfriend that was someone I could trust. I told her about everything that was going on, and she helped me out. After several hours I get the courage to show up at my place and talk things over, but when I arrived at my apartments everyone was gone and my place was TRASHED. The U.S. Marshals and FBI were investing my case, they broke a bunch of furniture, took practically anything that was electronic, computers, dvds, PS2, DJ equipment, everything except my big screen TV. My first thought was...who the f*ck left this burger king bag in my sink!

March 19th, 2004 - Karma pays me a visit
One month after I had my possessions taken away from me, I'm sitting at home, relaxing, ready to eat a pile of fried chicken tenders I get a knock on the door, I look outside my window and I see a bunch of cop cars and unmarked police cars outside. I quickly call my mom and tell her I was getting arrested, I open the door and about 7 or 8 U.S. Marshals with their guns drawn push me against the wall and hand cuff me. In federal court the prosecutor claimed I was trying to flee the country because I was selling a bunch of my items on an internet auction. In the auction I wrote," going away for a while, I don't need this item". They tried to say I was fleeing the country, idiots, I was explaining why I didn't need this item anymore, I'm not going to put, "going away to prison for a while." That might scare away some buyers. As I'm sitting in court I'm thinking okay, how much time am I looking at? I have no clue because I never watch the news, when I first heard the prosecutor announce how much time I was looking at I wasn't feeling so hot. I was looking at a maximum of 40 years in prison for possessing,distributing and manufacturing minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. When most people hear that they're looking at 40 years they probably wouldn't be feeling so hot either. After a week in Federal jail I was allowed to be released under one condition, I move back in with my parents.

March 31th, 2004 - Karma misses me
I hear a knock at the door, I look outside the peephole and I don't see anyone standing outside, I figure someone is playing a prank, so I open the door wide open and who do I see? Two police officers standing in the corner of the porch. They put me in cuffs and tell me The state is charging me with child molestation. After getting booked into the county jail(I was arrested at 10am, I didn't get to see my bed until 10:30pm). I call my mom and she says everyone has been calling her nonstop because the media had gotten a hold of my story, they interviewed Jamie's dad, who was a security guard at Jamie's school. Now Jamie was no innocent teenage girl. She lost her virginity at 13 to a 26 year old man during a party. At 14 she already had 3 different sex partners. The media will make you look like the biggest scum when it comes to sex crimes. They were saying things like I had sexually assaulted her, made her do things she was unwilling to do, video taping her while making her give me sex and blah blah blah. They said she was my "victim" and I was raping her. The media's job Is to do one thing, get ratings(viewers). They will do anything to start controversy because they know it draws more viewers. After spending two months in county jail I was released with the GPS home monitoring system while awaiting my sentencing.

July 1st, 2004
I was attending a hearing at court for my state case when I become a little suspicious of these two men that kept staring at me. Every time I turned around, there they were just watching me. As I was walking down the hallway I hear this woman on her cell phone,"yeah the black guy is playing it off cool, but the white guy is actin' suspicious". I knew something fishy was going on, but what could I do? After my hearing, I'm walking down the hall when I hear someone call my name. I turn around and there are those 2 men who were staring at me, they pull out their U.S. Marshal badges, here we go again I thought to myself, I turn around and put my hands behind my back without having them to tell me what to do. This time I would have to walk through the city because the Marshals parked half a mile away from the courthouse,. From there I was taken to the Federal courthouse, back in federal custody.

Now I'm not going to tell stories about my life in prison, that's a whole different story. But I am going to tell you what it's like as a sex offender AFTER release from prison, everyone thinks prison is the hard part, I'd say say otherwise.

Jan. 24th, 2008
Here I am sitting in the prison laundry with my bag full of property waiting for R&D to call my name over the prison intercom to roll it up for release. The moment I have been waiting for for many years, that time has finally come. 8am. I heard my name, I couldn't believe it! Being released into society with normal civilized people! As I walked out those prison doors I met up with my mom and grandfather, then we went to the nearest shopping mall lol. I still remember my first purchase, I went to Hot Topic and bought a CD by Paramore, then I went to Quiznos for my first non-prison food. I thought life was all gravy, but little did I know...

One thing that is hard for registered sex offenders is probation, we have it harder than any other criminal, much harder than bank robbers, drug dealers, and even murderers. In my case since I was charged in both the state AND the feds, I have TWO probation officers, one for the state and one for the feds, whereas most people only have one or the other. Some of the conditions we have to follow:

No sex even with an adult unless I get permission(forget casual sex and one night stands).

No access to any form of pornography even if the models are of legal age.

Cannot talk to any minor(it is almost impossible to not talk to one, I mean you can't go to a fast food restaurant without one taking your order, or going to a mall and one of the sales reps are underage. And then how do you know if that person is underage or not, you don't. Basically what this means is I cannot knowingly be alone with a minor(offer one a ride in my car, or visit one that is home alone.

As of right now I am living with my parents until I get back on my feet, but let's say one of my relatives, a 4 year old boy, decides to stay over with his parents, it's 2am and I need to use the bathroom, I have to wake up one of my parents, have them come with me and stand outside the bathroom door while I take a leak. Now what does a 4 year old boy have anything to do with my crime? The only thing they have in common is they're both underage. The law is very black and white about it, they have very standardized rules for sex offenders on the registry.

I'm also not allowed to go to church.
When I first enrolled at the college I had to notify the president of the school about my crimes, then they post my picture and my name in the security office for everyone to see. They also notify the instructor about my crime in every class I'm attending. The more serious sex offenders(level 3), they have to stand in front of the class and announce to everyone that they're a registered sex offender and explain his/her crimes. I'm just glad I'm not a level 3!

I have to register with the sheriffs office every 90 days. My picture, address, and charges are all available online for everyone to see at the sex offender registry. My neighbors received a flier with information regarding my crime that also included my picture. They basically tried to make it sound like I was the child rapist or child molester who hides in bushes and hangs out at playgrounds waiting for my next victim. This lady that lives a couple of houses down the street yelled at her 10 year old son as he was walking past me while I was washing my BMW. She made him walk all the way around the neighborhood just so he wouldn't walk past me. Seriously, just because I'm a registered sex offender I am automatically a predator who preys on young boys? Does being a sex offender automatically make me gay?

You can forget about getting a decent job, the only job you can get as a sex offender is probably a hard labor blue collar job like in construction or at some factory packing meat. To make matters worse, every time you apply for a job you have to let the employer know about your sex offense before or during your interview, and most employers will either see you as a child molester/pedophile or a danger to their business.

For those of you over 18, next time you have thoughts about starting a relationship with a minor maybe you should take a step back and think about my story. I would also suggest researching your state laws regarding statutory rape. In Washington state it is legal for a 16 year old to be with a 20 year old due to "Romeo & Juliet" laws. In other states such as California, a 17 year old can't be with an 18 year old because they don't have Romeo & Juliet laws. Every state in the US have their own laws on statutory rape. Do some research, you'll thank me for it ;)
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2 FBI employees charge w/ spying on teen girls in dressing room!


This government is seriously corrupt,and here is the perfect example.


two FBI employees were accused of taping teenage girls in dressing rooms! They were both charged with conspiracy and committing criminal invasion of privacy. They were working in some FBI satellite control room at a shopping mall when they positioned a camera on dressing rooms and were watching the surveillance video for AT LEAST 90 minutes!

Gary Sutton Jr., 40 and Charles Hommema have been charged with misdemeanors...wait, MISDEMEANORS??? And they face UP TO 12 months in jail on each charge. It should be a minimum of 12 months on each charge, not a maximum of 12 months. I can understand if you're a young guy maybe 18 or 19 spying on the girls, typical immature boys. But a 40 year old man, an FBI employee nonetheless, videotaping them??? It's absurd, and what makes matters worse is they are only getting a slap on the wrist for this! Where is the justice in our system? If it was the 40 year old janitor he would be facing felonies and not to mention become part of the sex offender registry. But two FBI employees get charged with a misdemeanor criminal invasion of privacy? Come on...I guess friends don't let friends become felons.

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Miley Cyrus is jailbait!


You know what really irritates me? How this girl at the age of 15 was with a 20 year old guy. Okay so that doesn't really irritate me, but what does irritate me is the fact that they're together and yet nobody does anything about it! Her dad said it was okay? And? In the state of California a 20 year old cannot be with a 15/16 year old even if the parent consents. I have been searching Google for state laws on older men dating minors, many have been arrested for this! If those two were to kiss each other many states would consider that some form of a sex crime and the boyfriend would be prosecuted!

What's even more irritating is that Miley Cyrus is pretty much a role model for tweens and teens everywhere. She's giving these young girls the impression that it is okay to date an older man. Then all these young girls are going to go after these older guys and think everything is going to be a-ok.

Disney? Hello? They should have immediately terminated her contract w/ Miley. Why don't they? Because she's making them sooo much money. To Disney it's money over morals. What happened to Jamie Lynn Spears when she got prego at 16? Her show was canceled, no more Nickelodeon deals for her.

Even at the age of 16, legally it is not okay. So maybe nobody has "officially" seen them messing around, but still if you're 20 years old and it was okay legally to date her, why would you still put yourself in that situation? Do I think it is okay for them to be together? From a morality perspective I have NO problem whatsoever. If Miley wants to date older men that's HER decision. Nobody is FORCING her to be with him. From a legality perspective yes I do think it's wrong, the law is the law. These two shouldn't be sending the message to younger teens that it's okay to be together when clearly Miley Cyrus is jailbait!

What a horrible role model! So many girls look up to her, she is out of control. Posting semi nude pics of herself pulling down her shirt and exposing her bra at 15. Posing nude in a magazine at 15 (holding nothing but a blanket to cover herself). Miley wants to grow up so fast, but that doesn't make her a mature person. Why do you think the laws have changed within the past 30 years about minors w/ adults? 100 years ago teens could date and marry older men, no prob. It wasn't a big deal because they were very mature for their age. Nowadays it's sex, drugs, smoking, partying, booze...that's probably why our legal drinking age here in America is 21. You go to Germany what is it like 15 or 16 years old for the drinking age? Canada is 19. The U.S. is 21. The majority of American adolescents can't handle these situations, that's why the laws are set the way they are.

Bottom line it's illegal! Take it from me, a registered sex offender. What kind of parent agrees it's okay for a 15 y/o and 20 y/o to be "friends". And then when you turn 16 it's okay to date this 20 year old, and let's not forget he's going to be 21 soon. Why doesn't the boyfriend get in trouble? Is it because he's an underwear model and makes good money? Please...

Miley just wants to grow up so fast...and from observing her previous, and present behaviors in the public eye, her future behaviors seem to be right on track with Ms. Lindsey Lohan. Woo hoo! Way-to-go Billy!
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Sex offender probation conditions


Well depending on the case the conditions can vary. Like if alcohol was involved then you might be required to take AA classes, or not allowed to walk into a bar or a place that serves alcohol.

I am on both DOC supervision and Federal supervision, I also have to follow conditions set by my court ordered sexual deviancy therapist. So I get a double whammy...48 months of DOC supervision and 10 years of Federal supervision. If I stay clean for half my FED probation I can go to court and petition my sentence to have it vacated. That won't be for another 4 1/4 years for. Here's just some of my major restrictions on DOC supervision...and remember this is a standardized set of conditions that apply to almost all sex offenders on DOC supervision.

If any conditions below are violated, back to jail I go.

I also have to take quarterly polygraph tests, they ask if I have violated any conditions. Let's say I broke one of the probation conditions, if I lie and say no I can go back to jail, if I tell the truth I still go to jail for breaking one of the conditions, so it's a lose lose here, you can't get out of it.


1. Maintain lawful employment and provided proof of employment to DOC staff.

2. Reside at a location that is approved by CCO(Community corrections officer pretty much the same as a probation officer).

3. Pay all court ordered fees.

4. Pay monthly supervision fee($20-$40/month just for being on supervision).

5. Notify CCO of change in employment or address.

6. Do not enter parks playgrounds schools or any other places frequented by minors.

I get frustrated on the whole, places frequented by minors, because it is very vague...a very generalized statement. Places frequented by minors, that can include malls, theaters, fast food restaurants, dine-in restaurants, almost anywhere. They should have just put, "stay the f*ck home".

7. Do not consume controlled substances (alcohol/drugs).

8. No contact with any victims or witnesses in crime.

Witnesses can even be friends that were interviewed in your crime, can't communicate with them anymore.

9. Have no contact with minors period(this is another one of those generalized statements. I was told there are these "incidental contacts"... like if a minor walked up to me at work and asks me a question or maybe I'm walking around a corner and bump into one, I have to report it to the CCO/probation officer).

10. Do not possess any form of pornographic material even if the models are of legal age.

11. Do not possess any firearm or deadly weapon.

12. Submit to urine testing.

13. Submit to polygraph tests on a quarterly basis.

These suck...if you fail any question you'll most likely end up violating supervision, which means jail time, but if you admit to violating any of the following conditions you still go to jail.

14. Remain in geographical boundaries(if I want to leave the county I have to get a travel permit 3 days in advance, state law for anyone on DOC).

15. Do not enter sex related businesses which include x rated movies.

16. Submit to home visits(CCO walks around house).

17. Obey ALL laws (including traffic...I got a neg. driving and my CCO wanted to violate my probation but instead he had me do 5 hours of community service, he said even if I get speeding tickets he can violate my probation...wow).

18. Submit to DNA/HIV test.

19. Register w/ sheriffs office on a quarterly basis.

20. Enter Sex Offender treatment program.

My CCO for the DOC will NOT allow me to go to church period. Is that even constitutional? After some complaints they decided if I wanted to go to church I would need a chaperone, the only thing is my parents would be my chaperone and they are Catholic, no offense but maybe I don't want to go to a Catholic church. Maybe I want to visit a Protestant church or a Synagogue. That's not possible in my situation...

Well those were most of my conditions for DOC. Don't forget I'm on both DOC and Federal probation...most of my conditions are somewhat similar to DOC, so I'm going to list the additional conditions that aren't on DOC.

1. Cannot have any type of romantic, sexual or intimate relationship w/ someone that has a child under the age of 18. (Hard when I'm in my early 20's and many females my age have kids, of course I don't really feel like fathering someone else's child anyways).

2. Submit to a truthful monthly written report within 5 days of each month.

3. Shall not associate with any persons engaged in illegal activity or with any persons convicted of a felony unless granted permission by US probation officer.

4. Notify PO (probation officer) of ANY contact with law enforcement including traffic tickets.

5. Cannot enter into any agreement to act as an informer or special agent or a law enforcement agency without permission of the court.

6. Cannot use firearms OR FIREWORKS. (explosives, including those little jumping jacks)

7. Submit to credit check and provide proof of tax returns.

8. Consent to ongoing monitoring of computer and internet activity use which includes installation of monitoring software. ($80 for software and $25/month just to have it on my computer).

I am in a court ordered sex offender treatment program in which I have to abide by an additional set of rules.

1. No sexual oriented conversations on the internet.

2. To not engage in any type of romantic or sexual relationship without the approval of his/her treatment provider!

Basically, if I want to have sex with someone I would have to ask my partner to meet my therapist, he will ask my partner a series of questions like, how many times will you have sex a week? What sexual positions will you use? You know stuff like that. Then this "therapist" will go into detail about my crime and they will ask my partner if they really want a relationship with an animal who could commit such horrendous acts.
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I met America's most hated man, John Walker Lindh!


I was just reading the latest issue of GQ magazine when I had noticed this on the front cover: "American Taliban: A New Look at the Strange Case of John Walker Lindh"
In prison, one of my primary areas of study was(and still is) religion. At one point I became very intrigued by Islam. In fact, one of the inmates who I used to hang out with regularly was none other than Ruben Shumpert.


I recently discovered that he had passed away a few months back, he was killed by American spies after he fled to Somalia. And to think this guy used to cut my hair in jail! Great guy, in fact he was the one who came up with my name, Jibreezy.

So anyways, back to John Walker Lindh. Yes, I had conversed with this tall and skinny man on a couple of occasions, very briefly of course, not the kinda guy up for deep conversations, probably because I was not Muslim, but I did see him everyday in the prison chapel. I remember he was always going to the hole(special housing unit) for reasons unknown to me. He was one of the high risk inmates. These inmates would have to carry these big red ID cards at all times, and about every two hours their named would be called over the loud speaker and they would have to report to the nearest CO(correctional officer). If that person being called over the loud speaker did not report, they shut down the prison yard and went searching high and low for this inmate. I remember John was always listening to audio tapes with the headphones on so he couldn't always hear them calling his name. Many inmates don't like terrorists in the federal prisons, they are not much lower than a snitch.

CO's would always give him these "random" cell checks, go through his locker, search the cell, I know this because I used to work with his cell mate in the laundry. Yep, I worked in the laundry for almost 2 years while I was in prison.

It's funny, I didn't realize John was this famous until just now when I Googled his name and read the article in this months GQ magazine. I'm sure I've met plenty of famous people, I just didn't know it. Although I do recall meeting NBA star Vernon "Madmax" Maxwell...all I can say about him is that his basketball was a little rusty. ;)
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Sex offender rehabilitation


I was surfing online when I stumbled upon this site.


The website is basically a discussion forum where members can talk about whoever, whatever. The topic provided in the link above is read as, "
I most definitely DO NOT think a sex offender can be rehabilitated!".
With about 32 replies, the majority of the members agreed with the topic. This is what is most frustrating to me, the MEDIA are the ones who portray all registered sex offenders as child molesters and pedophiles. I look at everyone's situation on a case by case basis. There are 17 year old's who have to register as a sex offender because they had consensual sex with a 15 year old, which is illegal in some states. These 17 year old's have to register as a sex offender for the next 10-15 years, sometimes life, over what? A two year age difference? A minor with a minor? Come on. Or the guy caught urinating in public, or on the side of the road can also be charged as a sex offender in many states.

Ethical relativism plays a role here. Ethical relativism is the position that there are no moral absolutes, no moral right and wrongs. Instead, right and wrong are based on social norms. For example, just a mere 200 years ago
slavery was socially acceptable and correct. Now it is not.

People are always saying sex offender's can't be treated. When they say sex offenders let's assume they mean child molesters and pedophiles. With rapists...rape is considered a violent hate crime, not so much a sex crime(even though sex was involved it's still considered a violent crime). The rapist may have issues in the past that deal with anger, not so much sex, but ANGER. Can anger be treated? If not, then what's the point of anger management? Many can be treated, if they weren't then all sex offenders released back into society would be going right back to prison. But that's not the case, the majority of sex offenders do not and will not re-offend given the proper treatment. They have methods that help treat child molesters, I've seen this documentary about a sex offender who was attracted to young boys, he was in treatment and they made him look at a picture of a clothed 12 year old boy and when he got aroused they made him sniff ammonia. Don't ask me what it does, but it helps some child molesters. So what about raging alcoholics? Can they not be treated as well? Like I said I look at everything case by case, everyone is different. Some sex offenders can go through treatment one time and never look back, some may not be able to resist the urge and re-offend, and some may never learn. But you can't blame them all for being the same, because they aren't, we are all different.

"Sex offenders are just like a heterosexual or homosexual, they will never change their lifestyle". What a moronic statement. Most child molesters are not born that way, they didn't wake up one day deciding they want to have sex with young kids, they have had some kinda of traumatic childhood experiences. Another thing people need to learn is child development. As a child(infant-10 years old give or take a couple of years) their brain is in a development stage, more often than not, the way a child is raised is usually how it will turn out in his/her future. If you abuse and hit your kids how do you think they are going to grow up? Loving peaceful caring adults? Come on, you learn this stuff in psychology, it's common sense.

People also need to understand that the media is very powerful and influential. After reading many of the reports the media had broadcast about me when I was first arrested I couldn't believe how they interpreted my case. People who knew about my case before I was arrested couldn't believe the media would take the whole thing out of context like that, but that's what they do, their job is to make the you look like the scum of scum, because they know it draws viewers(ratings). That's why when I hear about someone's case on the news I usually take it with a grain of salt. The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and for us sex offenders we are public enemy number one.
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Sex offenders w/ businesses


Ever since I was 13 I've always wanted to manage my own business, the independence! I also get a thrill out of not knowing if your business will succeed or flop, the risk! People say I like to play with fire, of course that's how I usually get into trouble. Oh yes, and my favorite, there are no boundaries as to how much money you can make. No salaries, no hourly wages. You have the opportunity to make millions! Whereas those who work 9-5, "slaves", are pretty much restrained from making whatever they want. You put your sweat and blood into your job working for someone else just so you can get that petty "raise". Please...

During my incarceration in the Fedz, I didn't waste my time playing pinochle or working out all day with the other inmates, no. I studied my ass off. I even received my GED while I was behind bars. After I received my GED I decided to enroll in the distance learning program offered at a nearby community college where I majored in Business Administration. I spent nearly four years of nonstop studying, seriously though what else was there to do? My primary interests were computers, religion and business.

Five months after my release from federal prison in Jan. of 2008, I applied for a business license in my city. I don't know how the process works in other cities, but here the city does background checks on every applicant who applies for a business license. I guess there were some complications in obtaining the license. They were concerned over the business itself, what was it? Retail? What is he trying to sell? Always jumping to conclusions..."selling clothes to minors." No morons, selling items to make money, make a living, because nobody wants to hire a sex offender.

Yes, we all know it's true, businesses don't want sex offenders working for them, especially businesses that interact with other people. Shopping malls, fast food, restaurants, retail stores...don't get me wrong, there are sex offenders working at these places, it's just damn-near impossible to get a job in these areas. Many sex offenders work hard labor jobs(my weakness). I prefer jobs wearing a suit and tie, sitting at a desk in an office of some sort. That is if I were to work for someone else that's where I'd like to be.

Okay...so earlier this year I incorporated a business, I visited my probation officer a few days ago and the police dept. contacted her about the business license. Why should this cause any type of concern? Here's my thing, if people are so against sex offenders working in public why not let them start their own businesses? Many of the sex offenders who reoffend are usually the ones who have nothing to lose, no life, no job, no girlfriend/boyfriend. Nothing. If you give these sex offenders something to look forward to, keep em busy, there would be a lesser chance of having one reoffend. I'm all for sex offenders having their own business, especially a home business. I mean, wouldn't you prefer one to be in his/her own house instead of being in the public? Now this is for sex offenders who've committed crimes against minors and children. Believe it or not folks there're sex offenders who aren't childmolesters and pedophiles. We will cover this topic in the near future.

Work at home opportunities should be available, and highly encouraged to all sex offenders, especially the ones that have crimes committed against childrenz.
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14 year old charged in murder of her own child.


Police arrested a 14-year-old female from Federal Way, Washington recently on suspicion of second-degree murder in the death of her newborn baby. To make matters worse, the father of the child was a 20-year-old man, he's being charged with second degree child rape. Remember this girl gave birth at 14, they had sex when she was 13.

I know this stuff happens all the time, but what I don't get is this...the parents claim they weren't aware she was pregnant. What type of parents who live with their 13 year old daughter not know she's been carrying a baby for 8-9 months?? This girl must have been very very obese, but still...the vomiting? Sickness? What's goin on here? Yeah the guy should get punished, yeah the girl should be too for killing her kid. But what about the parents?? She gave birth in her own home, didn't know what to do. I want to slap the parents, the girl for having the child, and the guy for sleeping with her. Outrage!

These kids today need to be edumacated. Nobody can stop them from having sex, but there are ways to prevent other circumstances from arising. Birth control anyone? Or how about abortion? I know some may not agree with it, but if you're gonna kill the baby after it's born why not kill it before it's born that way you don't end up behind bars. Nuff said!

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Legalizing teen sexting??


In Montpelier, Vermont legislation is considering a bill that would LEGALIZE sexting between teenagers.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term "sexting", it is referring to teens and minors taking nude photos and videos of themselves and sending these files to each other over cell phones using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Lawmakers in Montpelier are considering a bill to legalize the consensual exchange of graphic images between two people aged anywhere between 13 to 18 years old. Passing along such images to others would remain a crime.

This is ridiculous, first of all, they don't seem to understand this is how most CP(child porn) is produced. There have been many cases where teens have been caught sexting each other and the only ones getting charged legally are the ones possessing it. There has been one case where a 15 year old girl was charged for making her own nude photos and sending it to another student. A lot of times when these students would receive the explicit content they would send it to their friends, then they would send it to their friends...or sometimes a girl might make a special video for her boyfriend, he keeps it, doesn't show anybody, but then he finds out she's cheating on him, what does he do? He broadcasts it on the internet for everyone to see(which will soon be traded w/ other pervs). It will spread faster than a Malibu brushfire. Take it from me, the big bad sex offender.

Bottom line, it's CP(child porn), it's illegal, end of story.

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